About me

I discovered clay in 1990 and it completely mesmerized me the moment I touched it. We have been touching each other for almost a quarter of the century.
It enticed me to embark on a journey into the dark depths, into the great womb of unconsciousness, where many mysteries are sunken. I have pulled them up into the light, fascinated and frightened at the same time.

The two passions that have enlightened my life are words and clay.
I graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Ljubljana University in 1985 with a major in comparative literature and Slovene, and five years later clay crossed my path. Ever since, I have been walking the two parallel paths, constantly crossing them. I rejoice whenever I plant words into balls of clay and wait for them to grow into stories, whenever I soften the hard cores of words and knead them into statues.

Eliptical Space - Predjamski grad 1.

The Eart and The Sky 2007.

Keramika v konceptu.